The Secret To 2700% ROI

We ran SMS campaigns for over 3 months to get about 2711% ROI on our spend.

The ROI went down by 41% during COVID lockdown to land at 2685% currently, with 32% conversion rate!

The secret to such high ROI and conversion rate?

We NEVER ran cold campaigns.

100% of our campaigns we run to people who were interested in the product.

We just helped them to take the next step.

“Marketing is done with people, we do work that matters for people who care.”

Seth Godin

You Don’t Need A Phone

You don’t really need a phone.

You actually want to talk to someone or text, hence you’ve bought a phone.

But you don’t really need to talk to someone.

What you really need is to connect with the people you know and don’t know.

But you don’t really need that connection.

What you really need is the cozy feeling that comes by bonding with someone, be it your family or friends.

But it’s not just about the feeling good part.

What you really need is to satisfy the primal need that all animals have.

The feeling of being a part of something bigger than just yourself, the feeling of being a part of a tribe.

That is why you really need a phone for.

So here is the question, Do you really need WD-40?

The Paradox Of Choice

The more choices you give yourself the higher the difficulty of choosing one.

Marketing usually works if there is one thing that your customer has to do.

If you give them a choice, you paralyze them.

Remember the last time you were at a breakfast cereal aisle and wanted to try out a new flavor?

Cranberry almond, choco chunk crispy, mixed berries, mixed nuts…how much time did you take to come to a decision?

Or did you just got fed up and picked up the one that you always buy?

How To Magically Make People Buy Your Product

Start with inventing a product that is for the crazies, for the dreamers and for the creatives.

Then build an ecosystem around that product so if someone uses one of your products their friends must use your products in order to work efficiently.

Then come out with a new model of a previous product.

Then remove the headphone jack and send these along with your product.

These are tedious for your customers to use as they cannot charge and listen to music at the same time.

No problem, we have a solution which is more magical than ever.


The answer is you leave them no choice, only an empty wallet.

Does this type of organizational behavior create promoters or desserters?

My Wife’s Favorite Is Burt

This is Burt’s Bees Lip Balm. I stole it from my wife.

I have been stealing this lip balm from her since last 3 years.

Burt, never showed me an ad.

But Burt showed up with his 1980s formula, beeswax based lip balm.

The first time I saw the lip balm, was at the checkout counter at a CVS in Boston.

Bought 2 of them because I liked the packaging. Who knew, that the actual lip balm was as cool as the packaging itself.

Then I moved back to India and became a lip balm thief.


Because Burt solves my problem.

Every day, for the last 4 years now.

Never once I saw an ad by Burt.

Oh also, even when I used to live in the U.S. – no ads.

But of course Burt also made sure that when I put the lip balm on, the peppermint cools up my face like crazy!

In India, these lip balms are sold on Amazon for 4 times the price of any other lip balm in the country.

So, when we run out of these, do I wait for “My Uncle” to go to the U.S.(like a good Indian guy that I am) and buy a bucket load for me, or do I pay 4 times the price for this and get them in 2 days?

You tell me.