Idiot Proof Your Life

We all make dumb mistakes.

Luckily we are not living in the times where being distracted can get us eaten by a lion.

With that being said, stupid mistakes can cost us a lot, even in 21st century.

The aim should always be to idiot proof our lives. We are but human beings, and no matter how hard we try we are going to make mistakes.

Small mistakes because we were distracted can cause huge side effects. The solution is to clear out your brain periodically so you can work on what needs to be worked upon with a clear mind.

Am I right?

We must strive to create an environment around us that allows us to make mistakes without deadly/living on the street kind of repercussions.

I have a ton of stuff swarming my brain throughout the day. It becomes imperative for me to put it at one place to be referenced later so that I can focus on the work at hand.

That allows me to work better and provide better results for my clients.

With me? Let’s carry on.

Here are a few ideas to idiot proof your life:

Quick 2 Minute Morning Journal

  1. Maintain a quick 2 minute morning journal: You write down everything that is eating at you right after you wake up. This helps you sort your mind and get to what needs to be worked upon that day.

Organize Information Digitally

2. Get used to putting ideas and references down into a software like Evernote, Google Keep, Notion etc. for later: This will help you focus on task at hand instead of going down the rabbit hole of content consumption.

Review Your Brain’s Library Weekly

3. Weekly Review: Setup a weekly review where you go through both of the above libraries of content and sort them like a second brain.

These things might seem simple, but are highly effective in organizing your thoughts, especially when real pen is put to paper!

Want Dosa? Start Yesterday

There is this south Indian dish called dosa, which requires fermented rice batter to cook.

It is one of my favorite dishes.

During the lockdown, we weren’t able to get fresh batter so we thought of making the batter ourselves.

My wife started the process, what came as a shock to me was that I will get to eat dosa not today, not tomorrow morning, but most probably tomorrow evening or day after tomorrow.


Well, but then most of life’s best things that I enjoy today needed me to put in the work a while ago and then be patient.

This reminded me of a line from Bhagvad Gita, “karm kiye jao, fal ki chinta mat karo”

Translated into English, this means “keep doing the work, do not worry about the results”

I always heard this line from my grandfather, my grandmother and even my parents but never really paid much attention to it.

Well, this dosa thing taught me 2 things.

  1. Want dosa? start yesterday
  2. Better to buy batter from the market, save the time and the effort(outsource the production to the experts :P)

The Tooth Fairy Is Real

Yes, it’s true.

If you grew up in US you know what I am talking about.

You believed with all your heart that the tooth fairy is real.

And every time that tooth under your pillow turned into a dollar overnight you reinforced your belief in the power of tooth fairy.

Maybe you even knew that it was your parents who were making the exchange, but you chose to ignore it and still have a ray of hope.

As a child, the power of imagination is all that you have and you protect it from being destroyed until a few hundred people in your life have told you you’re crazy, it’s not possible, be realistic etc.

Let me put it this way, when you stopped believing in Santa Claus, tooth fairy etc. presents stopped showing up.

Even though Santa and the fairy aren’t real, real presents showed up until you had the belief.

If not your parents then your friends or else people around you want you to get what you believe in.

It’s not a surprise then when people like Steve Jobs, when vocalise their vision and their dream and their imagination other people work their asses off for their dreams.

People like Steve believed in their dreams so much that others around them want to make them happen.

It’s not going to be easy, some people are going to belittle your dreams, but then some people are going to do whatever is in their power to make your dreams a reality.

Leverage Your “Unfair Advantage”

We all have an unfair advantage in life.

Why don’t we use it.

No point in playing fair when it comes to making the most impact in life.

What’s your unfair advantage?

How can you use it?

Decisions Aren’t Hard

It is never the decision itself that is the hard part.

The Latin root of the word decide means to “cut off”

Essentially the FOMO is responsible for making decisions a tough process for us.

However, the decision is an easy thing. It is to be done only once.

The tough thing is living with that decision everyday.

The real work starts after the decision has been made.

Once you’ve made the decision, 50% of the work is done. Now all that is left is the rest 90%.

The Secret To 2700% ROI

We ran SMS campaigns for over 3 months to get about 2711% ROI on our spend.

The ROI went down by 41% during COVID lockdown to land at 2685% currently, with 32% conversion rate!

The secret to such high ROI and conversion rate?

We NEVER ran cold campaigns.

100% of our campaigns we run to people who were interested in the product.

We just helped them to take the next step.

“Marketing is done with people, we do work that matters for people who care.”

Seth Godin

You Don’t Need A Phone

You don’t really need a phone.

You actually want to talk to someone or text, hence you’ve bought a phone.

But you don’t really need to talk to someone.

What you really need is to connect with the people you know and don’t know.

But you don’t really need that connection.

What you really need is the cozy feeling that comes by bonding with someone, be it your family or friends.

But it’s not just about the feeling good part.

What you really need is to satisfy the primal need that all animals have.

The feeling of being a part of something bigger than just yourself, the feeling of being a part of a tribe.

That is why you really need a phone for.

So here is the question, Do you really need WD-40?

The Paradox Of Choice

The more choices you give yourself the higher the difficulty of choosing one.

Marketing usually works if there is one thing that your customer has to do.

If you give them a choice, you paralyze them.

Remember the last time you were at a breakfast cereal aisle and wanted to try out a new flavor?

Cranberry almond, choco chunk crispy, mixed berries, mixed nuts…how much time did you take to come to a decision?

Or did you just got fed up and picked up the one that you always buy?