Hi, I am Shivam and this is my blog, and as you can see, I love making weird faces.

Welcome to my blog.

I write, about the things I am thinking about, books or articles I am reading, marketing, business, anything and everything that I feel needs to get published into this world.

I am a freelancer. I make websites, help businesses get more traffic through social media and ads adn generate sales. Of course a big part of what I do for people involves providing massive value to the marketplace as a business.

I ran this blog, Smart Brainology for a few years(failed miserably) and then gave it a fresh start in 2020.

I run a YouTube channel by my own name, teaching thousands of people the ins and outs of digital marketing. I love my tight knit community!

I also happen to run a men’s style community called Helping Men Style, http://www.helpingmenstyle.com. It took me 5 years, but this has grown into a community with over 200k people, for which I am grateful and extremely happy. You can check those out on my Instagrams as well. @helpingmenstyle @men_and_shoes

Oh, I also started posting on my Guitar page, @guitar_mag. There is a guitar magazine blog in there somewhere, I am trying to make it happen these days.

You can find more about me on http://www.shivamchhuneja.com