By Shivam Chhuneja

You’re An Idiot If You Read Many Books

You’re An Idiot If You Read Many Books

Being successful in life has no correlation with reading more and more books. Period.


You will see people like Tai Lopez and other talking about reading and reading.


Are you f*cking kidding me? Really?


Can just reading books by these super successful people make you rich and successful?


Yes you can take in all the information that took 40-50 years for this billionaire to accumulate in a week and be able to see the world differently.


But, I believe you cannot succeed at all, even go an inch further by reading.


You can read as much you want, consume as much information you want, read thousands of blog articles, read hundreds of books, buy tens of courses and watch hours of video.


However, if you are just doing all that, I feel so sorry for you on that front.


You will lose. Period.


What you and I and anyone else needs to do, is give up the mental masturbation stuff, and get to work.


Read just one book, one article, watch one video and immediately, apply the knowledge to our situation right there and then.


Until we have not applied from what we read before, we should not take a step further.


With me? Let’s go on with this rant blog.


Execution is the dream maker, reading is the dream killer.


If you want to make your dreams a reality, get up, and apply and execute and see how the world reacts.


There is a difference between a wanterpreneur and an entrepreneur.


We can do all the research, file for patents, hire a team, set up a corporation in the middle of Delaware, design a website, a logo and get business cards printed from whatever shitty website we want.


If the market does not like our product, we will fail. Simple.


So shouldn’t the first step be come out with a cheap basic version and test the market?


I do not mean ask people if they will buy or not. I mean ask people to take out their wallet, open it, get their credit card and swipe it in my machine to pay me for the shittiest version of my product.


Not once, not twice but multiple times.


Then and only then will we be able to have a business or a career for the matter of fact.


So, do not just read.



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