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In my opinion 2017 and onward marketing strategies for our businesses should be focused on video, audio and social media networking. Our customers are on the move, so content specially optimized for mobile, optimized for the platform in which it is shared is the right way to go ahead with generating awareness around our business.

It is easy to get carried away if you are a one man/woman band, or a small business. But as Gary Vaynerchuk says, we do not always have to create perfect content. We can document day to day issues and successes we face in our endeavors and those things could be of help to people around us in turn developing an audience for us. Secondly, having a raw piece of content has it’s own appeal. In my opinion it shows that you care for the people and the content enough to focus on putting it out.

From a neuromarketing perspective, having imperfections in our video and audio content makes us look more human and thus more approachable. This generates a greater sense of community within our followers and our audience, which I think you can guess, is good for the brand.

But, the main issue we face when we want to get into YouTube or podcasting is that we start doing those without a strategy. Without a strategy for content, without a strategy for marketing that content and without a strategy as a whole. Not only we need to decide who our ideal target audience is, but we also have to look at various types of content we can create to suffice various needs our audience has.

The key is to give the value upfront, and the only way it is possible is if we know who our audience is and what problems they have in their business or life. We can produce authority content or affinity content, or both, it all comes down to the exact strategy we choose.

Be it video or audio, we need to start with finding our niche. The more niche we go the better it will be. Let me explain why, long tail search keywords, is how we search in our lives today. Broad tail keywords are more competitive than long term keywords. In my niche for example, broad tail would we social media marketing, but a long tail keyword would be social media marketing for photographers.

Now coming to the question of how to start a YouTube channel?

There are a few strategies that you need to take care about which I go over in the video and a few more videos on my YouTube channel in detail.

Apart from those, leveraging the comments section on YouTube, YouTube live help us in getting in deeper touch with our audience, and deeper relationships are what really matter.

So, to sum up the summary of the above video, content strategy, community and marketing your marketing efforts, done consistently over a period of time is what it will take to market your business via modern social media platforms.


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