By Shivam Chhuneja

Are you going to be truly independent this 15th of August?

Are you going to be truly independent this 15th of August?

15 August, 1947. The day India got independence from the British rule. Those were some messy times for our country.


I could bore you with all the independence day facts that scoopwhoop type websites are going to cover. My aim is not that. The aim is to show you the reality of our country on 15 August every year.


Every single year, we Indians start feeling patriotic around the first week of August. We plan to wear new clothes, people start working a bit harder for the parades and flag hoisting ceremonies.


Then there are people like me who know it is a great date, but for them the day is no different than any other day of the year.


We do buy small flags to be put up in our cars every August which mostly fall off the dashboards due to cheap quality double tape on the bottom.


Sounds familiar?


Why do we get patriotic, feel motivated to do something for our country or our families or other people around this specific time?


We might even feel great as Indians for the fact that we discovered water on the moon, or the length of the steel used in Bandra Worli sealink is about the circumference of this planet.


These are the things we could feel proud on any other day of the year as well, right?


You might even get to hear that Freddie Mercury or Ben Kingsley are of Indian descent and then puff up your chest.




We all do these things around those 2-3 days of the year.


What I struggle with wrapping my head around is what happens during the rest of the year?


A lot of us go from I will do something so big and so exciting that it will not only put my name in the stars but also my country’s to TGIF and Wednesday hump day in a matter of 2 days.


Do we really need to put up a fake persona of I want to do something huge?


Or is the TGIF thing the fake persona you are putting up so people accept you better into their lives?


I recently learnt that a lot of us put that TGIF front so as to make people like us more.


That actually harms us, takes us away from our motivation and hard work towards our goals.


Independence day is a bad term.


Independence year on the other hand is something I desire.


So, here are a few things that you could do to maintain that motivation and drive throughout the year than just 15 August.


  1. Write Your Goals Down

    Writing our goals down is one sure shot way to keep us motivated 365 days a year.

    There are people like my mentor Grant Cradone, who not only write their goals down twice a day but also on the bad days.

    Talk about getting the universe in line to make our dreams work.

    Then there are people like Com Mirza, who are worth more than $600 million, who write their goals down 5 times a day.

    Well, that is something to strive for.

    What we need is that kind of push, drive and motivation towards our goals, throughout the year instead of that one specific date.

  2. Change the people you hang out with

    If there is one thing I had to leave you with in this article, it would be this.

    A lot of us feel like we are not making friends if we do not stay with the same people in our lives.

    Yes our family, and maybe one or two people are going to be with us till we die, but rest of the people are replaceable.

    The moment we change who we roam around with, our mindset changes. If we surround ourselves with successful people, people who inspire us, people who celebrate independence year and not independence day, we are potentially on a roll.

  3. Start working to improve yourself everyday

    Fun fact: If we improve ourselves by just 1% every day, we can double our performance in just 71 days. That’s all.

    1% can be easily achieved by reading 2 pages of a book and applying the lessons to our lives.

    Small improvements made over a consistent period of time compound together and bring in the large result.

    Let me give you another example, $100 invested into a vehicle starting when you turn 25  every month giving constant returns, if withdrawn out when you retire is going to give you more than $150,000.

    That is excluding your pension and all that stuff. $100/month. Never underestimate the power of compounding.

  4. Start watching small motivation videos every single day

    Zig Ziglar, one of the world’s sales legends says that motivation is like taking a shower.

    It loses it’s effect every 24 hours, so we must get our dose of motivation every day.

    5 minutes put into motivating you towards your goals is going to do the magic for you..!!

  5. Work on your fitness every single day

    This one is highly important because our body is determinant of how we feel.

    And how we feel is determinant of how we perform.

    So focusing on what we eat, giving at least 15 minutes everyday to exercise is going to yield awesome results in the long run.


These are a few ways you can convert your independence day to an independence year to finally an independence lifetime..!


Have a great August, and September, And October, and every month thereon….



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