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Personal Branding these days is a word thrown around by almost everybody. Building a personal brand takes much more than empty numbers on social media profiles. I usually say year 2016 was the year of network marketers and life coaches and year 2017 is the year of social media managers. Amidst of all this clutter it is difficult to get your name out, if you are a genuine person.

Yes good content tends to with time rise up like the cream, but there needs to be a strategy towards producing content. Along with that there needs to be a specific mindset to do it. In my opinion, building a brand today really depends on the sense of community that our audience feels.

It depends on the feeling of inclusiveness that each of your audience member gets. And it is easy to be swayed by the huge numbers in followers and get into that race. We have to re-frame our mind into thinking about how engaged our communities are rather than focusing only on getting huge numbers of followers.

Yes social media followers are important, but I believe the connection between us and those followers is more important. Having an engaged community of only 1000 people is much better than having a disengaged community of 100,000 people.

Personal Branding in my opinion needs a newer definition as of this moment. It needs to be transferred from having more social media followers to having more social media engagement and relationships. And the only way I see that happening is if we change our mindset and gear it towards giving more and more value upfront to the people who are taking out their time to follow us on our social media profiles.

Marketing in itself is about increasing the perceived value of our product. The only way we can do that is by actually giving more value. We all need that kind of thinking. More followers is not about getting more people who will buy your product. But it is about those many people eager to hear what we have to say.

So let’s not take unnecessary advantage of the attention we get, but nurture it and build a strong community around our brands…!!!

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