By Shivam Chhuneja

Are You The CEO You Think You Are?

Are You The CEO You Think You Are?

Hustle, a word thrown around by many. 15 year old Instagram CEOs put up motivational pictures on their account and call themselves hustlers. Real hustlers however, do the real work.

Yes, social media is real work. And yes, it is okay to put CEO in your Instagram bio, but a pause for a minute and see if you really are a CEO of your life. Or are you just trying to get more likes and hearts by the people you don’t know, the very people who haven’t once, seen your face. Only if we focus on showing our faces and showing what we are doing in our life to achieve our dreams, we can connect with the people willing to connect with us.

A real CEO focuses on impact, bringing positive results in his/her own life and lives of the people around them. A real CEO knows that social media is a part of the game, a channel. They know that by just putting motivational pictures, they cannot become successful. They know they have to build something substantial, and escape get their name and their face known by thousands, even millions of people.

People and the world values real hustlers, real workers. People who are passionate about life and have a direction with the right mindset. If you really want more likes, well that is the thing you want to communicate. We naturally gravitate towards the alpha males and alpha females. And alphas, walk with a purpose, talk with a purpose, work with a purpose, play with a purpose and even sleep with a purpose.

Before you say that it is too much, stop. I have had this before where people have asked me why am I so serious about life, I should relax. Shivam is too serious on social media and his message. Social media is for fun, do you understand that Shivam?

No I do not. I believe social media is a place where I can literally change the lives of thousands and millions of people. To me it is not just a place to have fun. To me social media is a tool, a tool which I need to use to construct my legacy, my empire. And with that empire, and the process, help millions of people achieve their dreams and ambitions in their lives.


“If you are not serious about your life, your impact and helping other people, you are a selfish person. You care only about your happiness, and not about the happiness and well being of your family and people around you” – Grant Cardone


More energy, more vigor, more passion, more will to achieve success in life not only for yourself, but for the people around you is what will attract more people towards you. The right people, the people who will actually make a difference in your life.

Now, part of being able to hustle and work hard with passion and energy comes from the fact that you actually know what your hustle is. You might miss on important deals of your life, let me stress on that again, the most important deals in your life, if you do not know your goal.

By spending some time to see what our goals are in life, we can save up years of wasted efforts and being a blind robot in the system that is the real world right now.

One of the key tips I can give to not miss on opportunities is to read a lot. The more you read the more your brain becomes receptive to new ideas and develops the vision which is necessary to become a visionary. Reading makes us step into the shoes of the writer and see the world from their eyes. It not only makes us see the  mistakes they made but also the success they had and why.

Added bonus with that is most of the success that people have had is replicable, and anyways someone who really wants to convey their message through their book, will give you the blueprint of the success they had. Others, well will just make some small money from the book.

Reading alone will not help you. Millions of people read books, but not all of them apply the knowledge to their lives and situations. What we need is the application of the information. Application is what speeds up our process of success.

I personally know a few people, who have a great mind and high potential. But what a waste. They are not willing to give it their all. They neither apply the stuff they learn, nor are the motivated enough to work hard towards their end goal. They have become cogs, working like rats, like Guinea pigs right in this system. They have become complacent with whatever measly amount of money they make and success they have. For the matter of fact, they have been doing this for long enough that they have forgotten their end goal.

It is imperative to know what your end goal is and you have to know how you are going to achieve that goal. Yes, you do not need to know every single thing about reaching to your goal. There are going to be unforeseen problems, but problems are exciting. I believe no single plan is fool proof. Whatever plan we make, we cannot predict the mass action of the world and the markets. So we need to be flexible yet rigid. And we need to realize, since we cannot predict the mass markets and the world, it is more important than ever to have a success that stays no matter what.

Look at people like Warren Buffett, Shah Rukh Khan, Bill Gates, no matter where the market is, no matter how the world reacts, they retain their success.

Do you think Warren Buffett cares if the market goes down and he loses a few billion dollars? Hell, instead he invests and goes on offence when the markets crash and every one is saving and hiding under their pillows. He knows his goal, and he knows that only extreme offence is what will get him there.

Your goal might maybe to become the best salesman in your company,  to become the best engineer or to have a million dollar business. And most importantly this goal, needs to be well above your accepted realistic norms. If you think realistically by year end you should make a million dollars, well set your goal to 10 million. A higher goal has always brought me the excitement, the will to work hard and go for it head on. People who say you should set an attainable and a realistic goal, are idiots. If you look at those people, tell me, how many of those are super wealthy and super successful?

I have never once heard Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Cuban, Amitabh Bachchan telling anyone to set a realistic goal.

Each of them say that their goal was to change the world, do the impossible, be the star, put a dent in the UNIVERSE, and so they did. And all of them, have almost opposite philosophies towards life, and the paths these guys took, though similar, yet totally different.

Look at what Steve Jobs did. Apple is worth $800 Billion. Apple has more cash at hand than the US treasury. And not only that, not many people know Steve Jobs is also the mind behind Pixar, arguably the best animation company on the planet. He created his own universe within the universe. A place where people wait hours in line to buy an overpriced, over hyped phone with measly performance specifications. He had goals, the world cried when he died, his legacy lives on.

How about your legacy? How about your family name? Are you willing to take the decision to be the torch bearer for your family name?

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