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The third one is my favorite in the video, which one is yours???

Inspiration is a pseudo-taboo topic. Let me explain, when talking about inspiration, we treat it as this esoteric thing that only comes to a few people. Either you get inspired by a bad event in our life, or by something extremely positive, like an angel appeared before our eyes and gave us the gift of being inspired.

I do not believe in that. For example, if you look at journalists, they have to churn out articles which are interesting multiple times a day and they have strict deadlines. They cannot afford to have writer’s block, or inspiration loss. How is it that these people are able to do it and most of us aren’t? How is it that the most mediocre of journalists can churn out ideas like a machine?

There are a few ways to do that in my opinion. In the above video I go over a few ways to feel more inspired, find inspiration in our daily lives. Finding inspiration is easy, all we need is to know where to look and how to look.

I start with consuming more content by the masters and other creative people so as to get an idea. These at least for me serve as big sources of inspiration. What works here is not only having a look at masters of craft in our own field, but also in other fields. This helps us think from a new set of eyes that makes us think in a different way. Reading is one of those key things, watching documentaries etc.

The other tips in the video might actually surprise you..!

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