By Shivam Chhuneja

5 Books That I Read In May 2017

5 Books That I Read In May 2017

2017 so far has been very positive and awesome for me. I have learnt a lot, about business, about finance, marketing and all sorts of stuff. And a huge portion of the reason goes to me being in Boston, and my exposure to all these great entrepreneurial minds around me, people from so many different countries.

With all of this, one constant that has stayed with me throughout past couple of years is my ever increasing love of reading books. I read to learn, and I read because it is fun. And anyways, as Bismarck pointed out, it is better to learn from other people’s failures than to experience your own.

Reading for me is like life on NZT.

In May, 2017 I read 5 books in total, with taking moderate amount of mental and physical notes, and applying almost every nugget I could grasp, onto my life. I believe application of these nuggets are the key.

Now in the past I have done my book recommendations, or book review videos, but writing about it has it’s own pull.

So here are the books I read last month, and I hope you derive some value out of these books onto your life to propel yourself forward in whatever situations you might be stuck at.

Last month was based on marketing and branding mainly followed by my most recent read, which actually I just finished like an hour before writing this article, but within these books, I have also found amazing stuff from a business strategy standpoint, as well as improving my life and taking better decisions, help more people.


The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday 

Now stoicism is something I have always been fascinated by. In general, I love the philosophical thoughts, that I can apply to my daily life to make better decisions. Ryan, in this book does exactly that by introducing stoic philosophy with great examples. As the title says, the obstacle is the way. Sometimes the obstacles we face, actually become the path.

You can see this whole philosophy actually implemented by a lot of great business people, with one being Daymond John, who wrote The Power Of Broke. He talked about how using the shortcoming he had, he built a $6 Billion brand(FUBU) within fashion industry.

Coming back to Ryan, stoicism is followed by the greatest of greats. I recently did a success tips by A.R. Rahman video on my YouTube, where he also talks about using your shortcomings and molding them into your individual style and perspective on life.

Buy-Ology by Martin Lindstrom

I think I am right, when I say that almost all of us know about the manipulation we go through while we are subjected to products, advertisements around us. However, there are some deep(evil-ish) roots of using neuroscience to market us products in order to make a sale. Now, neuromarketing is something that really fascinates me, and a lot of the principles are the ones I have applied to my own social media efforts.

You might think neuromarketing is forcing us to buy things we do not want, by provoking our emotions. However, that is quite far from the truth.

I will leave you with an example that I talked to a few friends about as well, by exposing a pregnant mother to a specific soothing perfume, sprayed inside a mall, marketers were actually able to influence the baby, yet to come to this world, to be a regular customer throughout it’s life.

Have fun with this one.!

Brand Thinking By Debbie Millman

I think you already know my love for branding and neuromarketing by now. This book is a collection of interviews with the greatest creatives of our time. People who have not only run huge brands from a marketing standpoint, but writers and thinkers alike.

A lot of lessons in this book for creative people, people who want to bring a change in the world or improve the lives of the others. Or just, get their voice heard.

I personally love the interviews with Malcolm Gladwell, Seth Godin, Dan Pink

Trust Me I’m Lying, Confessions Of A Media Manipulator by Ryan Holiday

I think I forgot to mention in the first book I talked about by Ryan, he at the age of 21, if I’m not wrong, was handling marketing for a $700 million brand which goes by the name of American Apparel. He has worked with numerous NY Times bestselling authors, and brands alike.

Over the period of a few years he not only managed to generate millions of dollars in business by manipulating the blogs like Huff Post, Gawker, Mashable and others, but also is talked as one of the greatest growth hackers and media manipulators. He know how the media works, how to get viral campaigns going with practically 0 budgets and generate millions in sales.

This book, is an account of how he did it, how doing all that actually made it worse for him and why he stopped manipulating the media.

Start With Why by Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek, is noted as one of the greatest thinkers who are trying to bring about positive change in the world by inspiring leaders to help more and more human beings. I personally love his message about resonating with other human beings, leading them from the behind, and genuinely caring for other human beings.

This book might be one of the reasons I so extensively talk about helping other people in their life, if you have seen my YouTube videos.


Well, I am done, I hope these books push you to take some action and bring some change in your life, and lives of the people around you.

As always, make sure to help others succeed.


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