By Shivam Chhuneja

Get What You Want In Life

Get What You Want In Life

By Shivam Chhuneja


20 Lessons Learnt From The Emperor Of Rome – Marcus Aurelius Meditations

20 Lessons Learnt From The Emperor Of Rome – Marcus Aurelius Meditations

Philosophy in the past couple of decades has become perceived as something that is meant only for a college lecture. It has been brought down to an esoteric piece of information  that only people who have enrolled in a philosophy course can practice and apply […]

That Night In The Skate Park

That Night In The Skate Park

A new age kid with curly brown hair, with his deep big brown eyes. He had kind of a bigger than average nose. Loosely dressed in his casual denims, a size bigger than what fits of a t shirt,  with the cool new Yeezys, he […]

Are you going to be truly independent this 15th of August?

Are you going to be truly independent this 15th of August?

15 August, 1947. The day India got independence from the British rule. Those were some messy times for our country.


I could bore you with all the independence day facts that scoopwhoop type websites are going to cover. My aim is not that. The aim is to show you the reality of our country on 15 August every year.


Every single year, we Indians start feeling patriotic around the first week of August. We plan to wear new clothes, people start working a bit harder for the parades and flag hoisting ceremonies.


Then there are people like me who know it is a great date, but for them the day is no different than any other day of the year.


We do buy small flags to be put up in our cars every August which mostly fall off the dashboards due to cheap quality double tape on the bottom.


Sounds familiar?


Why do we get patriotic, feel motivated to do something for our country or our families or other people around this specific time?


We might even feel great as Indians for the fact that we discovered water on the moon, or the length of the steel used in Bandra Worli sealink is about the circumference of this planet.


These are the things we could feel proud on any other day of the year as well, right?


You might even get to hear that Freddie Mercury or Ben Kingsley are of Indian descent and then puff up your chest.




We all do these things around those 2-3 days of the year.


What I struggle with wrapping my head around is what happens during the rest of the year?


A lot of us go from I will do something so big and so exciting that it will not only put my name in the stars but also my country’s to TGIF and Wednesday hump day in a matter of 2 days.


Do we really need to put up a fake persona of I want to do something huge?


Or is the TGIF thing the fake persona you are putting up so people accept you better into their lives?


I recently learnt that a lot of us put that TGIF front so as to make people like us more.


That actually harms us, takes us away from our motivation and hard work towards our goals.


Independence day is a bad term.


Independence year on the other hand is something I desire.


So, here are a few things that you could do to maintain that motivation and drive throughout the year than just 15 August.


  1. Write Your Goals Down

    Writing our goals down is one sure shot way to keep us motivated 365 days a year.

    There are people like my mentor Grant Cradone, who not only write their goals down twice a day but also on the bad days.

    Talk about getting the universe in line to make our dreams work.

    Then there are people like Com Mirza, who are worth more than $600 million, who write their goals down 5 times a day.

    Well, that is something to strive for.

    What we need is that kind of push, drive and motivation towards our goals, throughout the year instead of that one specific date.

  2. Change the people you hang out with

    If there is one thing I had to leave you with in this article, it would be this.

    A lot of us feel like we are not making friends if we do not stay with the same people in our lives.

    Yes our family, and maybe one or two people are going to be with us till we die, but rest of the people are replaceable.

    The moment we change who we roam around with, our mindset changes. If we surround ourselves with successful people, people who inspire us, people who celebrate independence year and not independence day, we are potentially on a roll.

  3. Start working to improve yourself everyday

    Fun fact: If we improve ourselves by just 1% every day, we can double our performance in just 71 days. That’s all.

    1% can be easily achieved by reading 2 pages of a book and applying the lessons to our lives.

    Small improvements made over a consistent period of time compound together and bring in the large result.

    Let me give you another example, $100 invested into a vehicle starting when you turn 25  every month giving constant returns, if withdrawn out when you retire is going to give you more than $150,000.

    That is excluding your pension and all that stuff. $100/month. Never underestimate the power of compounding.

  4. Start watching small motivation videos every single day

    Zig Ziglar, one of the world’s sales legends says that motivation is like taking a shower.

    It loses it’s effect every 24 hours, so we must get our dose of motivation every day.

    5 minutes put into motivating you towards your goals is going to do the magic for you..!!

  5. Work on your fitness every single day

    This one is highly important because our body is determinant of how we feel.

    And how we feel is determinant of how we perform.

    So focusing on what we eat, giving at least 15 minutes everyday to exercise is going to yield awesome results in the long run.


These are a few ways you can convert your independence day to an independence year to finally an independence lifetime..!


Have a great August, and September, And October, and every month thereon….



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Get What You Want In Life

Get What You Want In Life

This is a story from 2014, while I was playing in Denmark and was also a part of the ‘coaching the coaches’ leadership program. There are many situations in our life where we struggle to get what we want.   This might be because we […]

You’re An Idiot If You Read Many Books

You’re An Idiot If You Read Many Books

Being successful in life has no correlation with reading more and more books. Period.   You will see people like Tai Lopez and other talking about reading and reading.   Are you f*cking kidding me? Really?   Can just reading books by these super successful […]

9 Ways I Am 10xing My Life And You Can Too

9 Ways I Am 10xing My Life And You Can Too

This story starts in December of 2015, when I was in Grunwettersbach, Germany. I was there to learn and play table tennis. Around the last month of the year, I came across a couple of science videos on YouTube which took me to start my own YouTube channel on education.

It was cold during those days outside, we had a small amount of snow, and a bit of rain. I did not want to go out to the city and buy the YouTube stuff, so as I am addicted to Amazon, I ordered a tablet and a microphone from and got started making these educational videos on physics and science.

Well, I came back to India, and had this idea in my mind to start consulting and teaching people whatever we were strong in. This idea was an extension of what I was doing with that YouTube channel. But I had no clue about business, had a small idea of what an entrepreneur means.

Anyways, I have this habit of first starting and then learning, Ready, Fire and Aim. So, I started a website and the whole idea with two other guys. Fast forward a couple months, it was already a flop.


However, since I wanted to learn about business, I got this book called Rich Dad Poor Dad, and I stumbled across many great ideas in this very book.

From here, when I searched for the writer, Robert Kiyosaki on YouTube, I came across Grant Cardone in a related video. I completely resonated with Grant, the methodology of life and success he had.

I immersed myself in his material, and his first commandment was, in order to be a success, you have to work on your mindset consistently. That got me started with reading tons of books and absorbing as much as I could.

In a few months, I had written a book on psychology and mindset, a lot of it reflecting from my old days in Denmark, with the leadership program and my table tennis sessions with our sports psychologist.

And then came the kicker, I talked to Grant Cardone himself, yes I was super excited. I got him to agree to let me work on his newest project(my name is still on his website 😉 ).

You say that is really cool, right? It totally is..!!


I did a video on my YouTube thanking him for the same, and a couple days later, my flatmate texts me and and asks me to go to Grant’s Facebook page. Grant had uploaded my video to 1 million of his fans.

I went crazy.

Anyways, that all got me started towards reading more books, applying the knowledge, and 10xing my life. So, here are the ways that I have learnt from people like Grant Cardone, Tim Ferriss, Istvan Moldovan, Lars Rokkjaer and many others.

Here we go with the list,

All of our days start with a morning, and having a morning routine has been the most helpful for me to improve my psychology, productivity and effectiveness throughout my day.

Morning Routine

Having a morning routine has many benefits, with the most effective one being that it helps us start the day on our terms, rather than the messages, e-mails we get during the night. So, before I touch my phone, I do all of the following things.

In total it takes me about 15-20 minutes to finish my routine and get in the mindset to kill the day.

This makes my day not only go smoother, but also keeps me happy and cheerful throughout.

Make Your Bed

I first came across this tip in a podcast episode of Tim Ferriss. Initially I was skeptical on how just making my bed and arranging my pillows in the morning could help me be more productive.

However, when I tried this, within the first week I experienced why everyone is talking about it.

Making our bed right after when we wake up give us our early morning shot of dopamine and makes us feel accomplished right of the bat. Also, if my day does not go well, and I come home, and I come to a bedroom that is pretty, it is the most pleasing sight in the world.

So once again, even if my day goes like hell, and I accomplish practically nothing, I can reflect on to this, and know that I did accomplish something. The goal is to start your day in an active mode not a reactive mode.


Exercise And Meditation

Okay okay, I know what you are thinking. This Shivam guy has gone crazy.


I understand your feelings, I hate meditation too. I think it is one of the most boring things on this planet.

What do you say? You think it is boring too?

Yes totally it is, that’s why I do something fun.

Let’s start with exercise first.

I take 5 minutes to do some push ups, some squats and lunges.

That is all.

The aim is to wake up, not to build a massive body and get 8 pack abs.

Towards meditation, I meditate by listening to a song on repeat or a podcast on business.

Whaaaaattttt????? Podcast for meditation?

Are you crazy Shivam?

Short answer, yes I am.

Long answer, depends. Listening to a podcast or a song on repeat puts me in a positive frequency to conquer the day as it comes. Exactly what meditation is supposed to do.

This is again something I came across via Tim Ferriss and his book, Tools Of Titans which includes interviews and tips by the greatest and most successful people in the world.

It not only has insider tips from business people, but Olympians, artists, martial artists and people from all walks of life.

So you have to find what gets you in the zone. And then do it everyday.

I also used to use NLP to get into my flow state before table tennis matches.

You might wanna check out anchoring in NLP to get an idea of what it exactly is and how you can program your mind and body to perform better in about 10 seconds.

Yes, you heard it right.

10 seconds.

All cool? Yes?

Alright, let’s move forward.

My to-do list and goals

The next thing that I do is I go over my goals and then I make the task list for the day. These tasks are decided on the 80/20 rule.

Only highly important tasks which make me more effective are the ones that go on this list. Rest, goes in the dustbin, to never escape from the trenches filled with tissue papers, old sandwich boxes and coca cola bottles.

Having this to-do list and going over my goals does two main things for me. First, it allows me to realize where I am with my progress towards the goals and the projects I am working on. Second, it makes me focus on the right tasks to move even further towards my goals.

I am a serious guy, and a nerd with my approach towards everything I do.

Are you a nerd?

What did you say? No?

C’mon, you are a nerd if you are reading this article to this point.



Yes I am going to to talk about my breakfast. And no I am not going to talk about all my meals.

The reasons I am talking about this is because these days I am trying intermittent fasting which has allowed me to focus more on the tasks and be more effective. My breakfast comprises of eggs and spinach and that is all.

This keeps me pseudo hungry, which allows me to focus better throughout the day, until I have my lunch.

The point with being strict with my health is simple.

I was watching a talk by Jay Abraham the other day and I realized a lot of us take our careers and business so seriously that we forget the only thing that allows us to perform at higher levels.

Our Health.

Sleeping properly, having good food, focusing on mindset is the key to success, period.

(We both are nerds, me and you (@_@))

Just imagine, if Warren Buffett gets sick for a day, he practically loses 10-12 million dollars or something.

Mindset, and health are the most important things.

One last thing I have learnt recently, it should be about fulfillment in the work we are doing much more than the end goal we have set for ourselves.

Personal Time

So, I know doing so much work is sometimes not good for the creativity. That is why I spend a lot of time reading new things. Reading books from my industry and other industries as well. It just helps me keep my brain loose.

A few other things I do to stay mentally stable are practice cardistry and card magic, drawing and I listen to music. These things help me stay in my sane mind.

The funny thing is, I am highly excited about marketing and business, yet I have to do all these things to stay cool.

Think of the millions of people who hate their job.

I so hope you are not one of those. Please do something you are curios about..!!!


One of the most important things that has been helping me do what I want, when I want is sleeping properly. The day I changed my sleep pattern from 4-5 hours a day to 7-8 hours a day, my productivity skyrocketed.

Not only that, I have been feeling better, and happier. With regards to sleep, I try and sleep in a completely dark room and keep it cool.

I get much better sleep in a cooler room.

Also, the best investment you can make, is in your bed. Great pillow, great bedding is going to change your life.

Just trust me on this, and try it out. Go buy a new pillow and great new silky smooth bed sheets.

Bed sheets that when you lie on them, give you chills down your spine. Bed sheets that stay a bit cold than the room temperature, are soft, and make you feel like you are being hugged.

Also, One of the best things I did in the past year was buying a memory foam mattress when I came to Boston. The best experience.

Are you still with me?

You say yes, alright then let’s go to the last one.

Don’t you get bored on me, we are almost done with this article.


Now, I read this book called “The One Thing” and it taught me the power of essentialism.

Before you make any assumptions, the one thing and essentialism does not mean we need to do only one thing. It means we have to do only those things which really matter. Here is where Pareto’s principle or 80/20 rule comes into play in our lives.

The way I am applying essentialism to my life and business is simple. I only do those things which bring me maximum results with minimal dose of effort. Also, if something gives me 95% of the results, I am cool with it.

I do not want to waste my mental energy into something that gives me only 5% return. After a certain point, the amount of results is marginal with increasing effort. That is the point I quit at. Simple.

Same goes with my decisions. There are only certain number of decisions we can make throughout the day and not feel tired. Ever wondered why you feel tired after you spend just 15 minutes thinking about what you will have for lunch?

Well, I have all this automated. Pre-decided meals save my mental energy from being wasted on really trivial things.

Yes yes, I do understand this is a lot of information at once. However, these are very small steps you can start taking in  your life today itself.

These if paired together, can change your life in 3 days and you will see the difference.

Do let me know in the comments below on what you think about these and let’s have an amazing discussion..!!!

Talk Soon,



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11 Books To Totally Change Your Life

11 Books To Totally Change Your Life

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5 Steps To Be A Facebook Content Marketing Ninja

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Become A Content Marketing Ninja Becoming a social ninja does not require a set of special skills or some secret knowledge that only a few selected possess. I think it is not something esoteric as it is believed to be. Anyone and everyone can get […]

Are You The CEO You Think You Are?

Are You The CEO You Think You Are?

Hustle, a word thrown around by many. 15 year old Instagram CEOs put up motivational pictures on their account and call themselves hustlers. Real hustlers however, do the real work.

Yes, social media is real work. And yes, it is okay to put CEO in your Instagram bio, but a pause for a minute and see if you really are a CEO of your life. Or are you just trying to get more likes and hearts by the people you don’t know, the very people who haven’t once, seen your face. Only if we focus on showing our faces and showing what we are doing in our life to achieve our dreams, we can connect with the people willing to connect with us.

A real CEO focuses on impact, bringing positive results in his/her own life and lives of the people around them. A real CEO knows that social media is a part of the game, a channel. They know that by just putting motivational pictures, they cannot become successful. They know they have to build something substantial, and escape get their name and their face known by thousands, even millions of people.

People and the world values real hustlers, real workers. People who are passionate about life and have a direction with the right mindset. If you really want more likes, well that is the thing you want to communicate. We naturally gravitate towards the alpha males and alpha females. And alphas, walk with a purpose, talk with a purpose, work with a purpose, play with a purpose and even sleep with a purpose.

Before you say that it is too much, stop. I have had this before where people have asked me why am I so serious about life, I should relax. Shivam is too serious on social media and his message. Social media is for fun, do you understand that Shivam?

No I do not. I believe social media is a place where I can literally change the lives of thousands and millions of people. To me it is not just a place to have fun. To me social media is a tool, a tool which I need to use to construct my legacy, my empire. And with that empire, and the process, help millions of people achieve their dreams and ambitions in their lives.


“If you are not serious about your life, your impact and helping other people, you are a selfish person. You care only about your happiness, and not about the happiness and well being of your family and people around you” – Grant Cardone


More energy, more vigor, more passion, more will to achieve success in life not only for yourself, but for the people around you is what will attract more people towards you. The right people, the people who will actually make a difference in your life.

Now, part of being able to hustle and work hard with passion and energy comes from the fact that you actually know what your hustle is. You might miss on important deals of your life, let me stress on that again, the most important deals in your life, if you do not know your goal.

By spending some time to see what our goals are in life, we can save up years of wasted efforts and being a blind robot in the system that is the real world right now.

One of the key tips I can give to not miss on opportunities is to read a lot. The more you read the more your brain becomes receptive to new ideas and develops the vision which is necessary to become a visionary. Reading makes us step into the shoes of the writer and see the world from their eyes. It not only makes us see the  mistakes they made but also the success they had and why.

Added bonus with that is most of the success that people have had is replicable, and anyways someone who really wants to convey their message through their book, will give you the blueprint of the success they had. Others, well will just make some small money from the book.

Reading alone will not help you. Millions of people read books, but not all of them apply the knowledge to their lives and situations. What we need is the application of the information. Application is what speeds up our process of success.

I personally know a few people, who have a great mind and high potential. But what a waste. They are not willing to give it their all. They neither apply the stuff they learn, nor are the motivated enough to work hard towards their end goal. They have become cogs, working like rats, like Guinea pigs right in this system. They have become complacent with whatever measly amount of money they make and success they have. For the matter of fact, they have been doing this for long enough that they have forgotten their end goal.

It is imperative to know what your end goal is and you have to know how you are going to achieve that goal. Yes, you do not need to know every single thing about reaching to your goal. There are going to be unforeseen problems, but problems are exciting. I believe no single plan is fool proof. Whatever plan we make, we cannot predict the mass action of the world and the markets. So we need to be flexible yet rigid. And we need to realize, since we cannot predict the mass markets and the world, it is more important than ever to have a success that stays no matter what.

Look at people like Warren Buffett, Shah Rukh Khan, Bill Gates, no matter where the market is, no matter how the world reacts, they retain their success.

Do you think Warren Buffett cares if the market goes down and he loses a few billion dollars? Hell, instead he invests and goes on offence when the markets crash and every one is saving and hiding under their pillows. He knows his goal, and he knows that only extreme offence is what will get him there.

Your goal might maybe to become the best salesman in your company,  to become the best engineer or to have a million dollar business. And most importantly this goal, needs to be well above your accepted realistic norms. If you think realistically by year end you should make a million dollars, well set your goal to 10 million. A higher goal has always brought me the excitement, the will to work hard and go for it head on. People who say you should set an attainable and a realistic goal, are idiots. If you look at those people, tell me, how many of those are super wealthy and super successful?

I have never once heard Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Cuban, Amitabh Bachchan telling anyone to set a realistic goal.

Each of them say that their goal was to change the world, do the impossible, be the star, put a dent in the UNIVERSE, and so they did. And all of them, have almost opposite philosophies towards life, and the paths these guys took, though similar, yet totally different.

Look at what Steve Jobs did. Apple is worth $800 Billion. Apple has more cash at hand than the US treasury. And not only that, not many people know Steve Jobs is also the mind behind Pixar, arguably the best animation company on the planet. He created his own universe within the universe. A place where people wait hours in line to buy an overpriced, over hyped phone with measly performance specifications. He had goals, the world cried when he died, his legacy lives on.

How about your legacy? How about your family name? Are you willing to take the decision to be the torch bearer for your family name?

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The Myth Of Talent

The Myth Of Talent

Everyone holds his fortune in his own hands, like a sculptor the raw material he will fashion into a figure. But it’s the same with that type of artistic activity as with all others: We are merely born with the capability to do it. The […]

Special Read

The Myth Of Talent

The Myth Of Talent

Everyone holds his fortune in his own hands, like a sculptor the raw material he will fashion into a figure. But it’s the same with that type of artistic activity as with all others: We are merely born with the capability to do it. The skill to mold the material into what we want must be learned and attentively cultivated. —JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHE

We are told that the skills you possess, the genius you have, the inclination towards a specific field of life you have is all credited towards your genetic structure. Your talent is something that is fixed and can never change. You came into this world with those specific abilities, and you are going to die with them.


I came across a few passages about talent, skills and mastery while reading a few different books. Books that practically are not supposed to talk about the same thing.

The common theme the writers here talked about is that there is nothing as talent, even if there is, it has been scientifically proven that we can literally modify our genetic disposition by placing ourselves in specific kinds of environment and through deliberate action.

We are regularly told stories about talented individuals like Mozart, Steve Jobs, and many others. But if you have played Chinese Whisper game you know how stories can radically change with just a couple of alterations. The stories about these great individuals about their talents and their natural abilities tend to dismiss the fact that they were practically provided the exact kind of environment that they needed to excel.

That necessarily does not mean that the environment around them was favorable, and happy and they got everything they wanted.

Demosthenes one of the great orators of ancient Athens, born in 384 BC had speech impediment during his childhood. His became an orphan at the age of 7 and his family left him great wealth and property. But, till the time he came of age to be able to legally get that property, he noticed that he was cheated on by his own guardians. He sued them in the court, and had to speak for himself.

This specific event and environment alone would tear apart any of us, but he had created an underground room to practice his speaking skills. He used to fill his mouth with pebbles and practice speeches, he would go to the sea shore and try to speak against the sound of the waves. Demosthenes, took charge of his environment and practically changed his disposition by deliberate effort.

Why is that we see people everywhere around us performing deeds like Demosthenes, and yet fail to see that there is nothing as talent? Yes there are inborn skills, or interests with certain kinds of things, but they too can be changed, if we so wish. Our brain has evolved over millions of years, then why do we believe that we cannot change something as simple as where we invest our time and effort?

Robert Greene in his book “Mastery” mentions something that I really loved. He said, our brains practically are going in the opposite direction as time. For a lot of animals, with passage of time, their window closes. If they wait too much to attack on the prey, no food. If they wait too much outside in the open, they are going to get eaten.

Our bodies too follow this line, with passage of time our bodies decay.

However, with passage of time, our brain becomes more and more capable, more and more developed.

We see people sitting in the system, as cogs. People who have accepted to not bring about change or put in effort to pursue their unique inclinations. It is actually easy to do that. It might take years of work, but it is easy.

What we know and have been subjected to is, people who try to go against the grain of the system, and try to do what they believe in, perish. Totally not true, they might go against the system, but by doing what they believe in, something that they feel is their calling, they are going with the grain of time.

Have you ever thought, that why is people who are doing something they love, seem more energetic, more youthful and younger at 65 than a lot of us at 25?

They are going with the grain of time.

The moment we try and do something which we derive pleasure from, we are told not to.

I have my example here, recently I started taking massive actions towards trying to help more people, and the responses I got were amazing. But within those responses I have people telling me to stop, calling me names in public.

I won’t lie, it is scary. It is hard. But should I stop? Should I stop doing something I feel I am made for just because someone else in the system believes I am going in the opposite direction?

It is true, I am going in the opposite direction to them.

I am going with the direction of time, are you?

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