5 Steps To Be A Facebook Content Marketing Ninja

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Become A Content Marketing Ninja

Becoming a social ninja does not require a set of special skills or some secret knowledge that only a few selected possess. I think it is not something esoteric as it is believed to be. Anyone and everyone can get to that high number of engagements. Steps to internet popularity will get you in touch with how good marketeers think in terms of using social media today.

This will make you capable of achieving the same feat as people with thousands of followers. Of course, the follower count does not come right away; it takes building up on a solid base.

Wait till you apply the techniques mentioned in this article which will help you get a good user base to build upon in the future.

Facebook being one of the largest online communities with a whopping user base of 1.44 billion monthly users will be our target marketing platform in this post.

We will go through:

  • What works under the hood of Facebook News Feed.
  • How to get at the top of the food chain of Facebook Content Marketing.

Getting engagements on your social media posts (likes, shares and comments) is just a matter of keeping in mind a set of steps to follow.

Working on these simple guidelines can make you a social media growth hacker with a return of sky rocketing number of followers and loyal audience which keeps on coming back to you for more.

Facebook as opposed to a few years ago has set up new news feed algorithms that limits organic reach of your posts to only a select percentage of viewers. This not only limits the organic reach of the pages but also earns Facebook a lot of revenue from the ads.

The pages need to pay much more to Facebook for being shown to more people which they could do for free until last year. Which as much as I have heard from marketers like myself is a bad thing, and Facebook is evil, just think about it. Mark has a business to run, and they need to make money from somewhere. A lot of money was left on the table for years when they were not monetizing the platform at all.

There are millions of Facebook pages competing to be on your news feed.

This means that for every 100 fans your page has, organically, a post gets to less than 6 of them. Though Facebook algorithm slowly increases the exposure that your post gets based on the response from those initial fans and builds up on it, this seriously limits the reach you can have without paying to Facebook.

The rise in advertising on Facebook has a direct relation with the pumped up Facebook stock prices and the organic reach algorithm put to use by Facebook.

This chart prepared by Jay Baer shows that as the organic reach of posts miniaturized from 12% to 6%, the Facebook stock price swelled from $50 to about $70.

This is what I have learnt from hours of research about growth hacking my way into Facebook Media Marketing. I have condensed it up into 5 small portions, which I think are paramount in transforming a normal post into a viral sensation.

Content marketing does not entail that you put up your content in such a way that it gets to thousands of people within a matter of minutes.

Content marketing is not about getting results too fast or even too slow.

It is about slowly beating the batter till it reaches the perfect consistency and leaving it in the oven of Facebook and then watch it expand over the course of time.

Consider keeping an eye on your reach for different types of content you put up on a weekly or monthly basis to get an insight into the type of content that gets most engagements and the maximum reach, organically.

This is the content you want to post more often to get more people to engage with you.

This way you also find that sweet set of users who love the same things you love, make a relationship with them and grow your audience with similar content.

If the organic reach for your content is very less and you are a business or a person with a good amount of followers, something might be seriously wrong.

It can be one of many things such as:

  • Sloppy Writing
  • Topic not trendy enough
  • Average Content
  • Less Promotion
  • Promotion Quality


In this part I will explain how I think of content creation and how choosing the right content and headings can naturally lead to engaging outputs.


Research has shown that headlines with numbers tend to generate 73% more social shares and engagement. Our brain values numbers at a much higher importance than text.

Try thinking of the last viral article or video you watched on the internet. You can be sure it started with a number or had a number in the headline.

One of the greatest advertisers, David Ogilvy, whose book I was reading a couple months ago(Confessions of an advertising man) swears by creative yet simple use of headlines. As long as we intrigue the reader, not make them feel stupid and deliver on it later, we are gold.

Tweaking your headline can get you from 1 million to 17 million views.

Upworthy has achieved this by using the exact same content and just putting in a different headline.

Upworthy writes 25 headlines for one article and then choose from them which they believe can make the content go viral.

Many professional copywriters agree that 50% of your article’s popularity is due to the headline alone.

You should try and spend at least an equal amount of time designing a proper headline for your article as you do writing the actual content.

Surveys showed that 80% of the people share or like your content just based of the headline alone and never even bother to read the content itself. Only 20% of them go to the article irrespective of the headlines.

Sometime this is the reason you see an amazingly popular article with a catchy headline and when you go into it for some words of gold, you find it’s just coal.

Make your headline unique.

Put effort into designing a headline that:

  • Does not deceive the audience
  • Conveys what is in the article straight away
  • Is concise and to the point
  • Is extremely catchy



Remember, you are creating content for your viewers. Don’t get hung up on a topic you like which does not have much shareability.

Sure, you can later on have the content on that topic on a personal blog or account.

As a business you ought to be creating content for the people. If they cannot find what they want or can relate to, they will move on to one of the other billions of articles on the internet.

Find meaning in your content.  Do not do it for money alone, try to improve lives of others by the means of your content.

Make the world a better place. If you make meaning, money will come– Guy Kawasaki


Once you are done with the process of content selection and creation you need to stop.

Get some air.

Chill. But do not edit your content right away.

When you start editing it right after you’re done with writing it, your brain tricks you into thinking it is okay because you just wrote it. It becomes more of a belief thing rather than rational observation.

It really pays to get an editor to look over your content. You seriously do not want to let silly errors make you sound  inexperienced.

An editor is someone who provides a backbone to your content, embellishes it like the final garnish on a gourmet dish.

There is a reason that every newspaper, blog, content website hires a professional editor for the stuff their content writers produce.

Editing your content well shows that you care for the time of your audience and respect your audience to give them the best you can afford.

Although, if you want to edit yourself, take some time out and then come back to the article and try to go through it from the start. Go through each paragraph multiple times.

Try to change the tone of the article into a conversational one rather than sounding mechanized.

You can use following guidelines to start for now.

  • Look for simple errors like “your vs. you’re”, “their vs. there” and so on.
  • Look for spelling mistakes. Even the best of the spell checkers can sometimes miss a word or two.
  • Look for grammatical errors.
  • Go through and speak the article to yourself. This helps in pointing out simple mistakes that you might overlook in the initial run through.


So, you’re done with producing the most awesome content you can come up with.

You’ve worked hard, researched for keywords online and got the perfect headline for your article.


You post it online and sit and wait for hours only to see no engagement and a mere reach of about 20 people on that awesome piece of article that took you 6 hours to research and write, another 3 to edit it and  2 more to find the right images and graphics.

The article you have put out does not go to the people automatically. One choice is Paid Advertising.

Another one that’s free is self promoting your content. Most of the people and small startups do this in the initial stages of their life.

If done right, this can be much more rewarding than paid advertising.


Something that will not cost you a single dime is growth hacking, or simply put self-promoting the article until your fingers bleed.

You can have a strategic approach to self-promoting your content on Facebook in this way:

  • Share the content from your business page to your personal profile.
  • Make one of your friends share it and their friends do the same. If this chain continues, your content can reach a lot of people without advertising. You get a good reach without being too pushy about it. You are asking only one person to share it; it’s a very small favor.
  • Cross Promote the content on different social media profiles you or your business has.

This can make your post rank higher and organically be shown to a much higher number of people.

Cross promote your content on multiple platforms- Get to Twitter, Instagram and promote it among all your profiles. Platforms like Twitter and Instagram provide 316 million and 400 million monthly users respectively.

It sure won’t hurt additional promotion to this number of users.

This will not only get you a fresh audience in but also up your rank amongst your users as someone who shares quality content and provides meaning.


As Facebook limited its organic reach, it also created an awesome way to share your content by paying for advertising right on the platform itself. The large user base of 1.4 billion can give you great exposure.

Only if used properly, it can increase your engagements by large amounts.

The key is setting your audience the right way. Try to use the vast amount of variables to pin point the audience you want to reach.

Limit yourself to a target audience of about 150,000 only.

The costs for this advertising are quite cheap if done properly and can highly increase the reach you or your business gets.

Neil Patel wrote an amazing post about creating your own ad campaigns so you can maximize your reach and at the same time save your pocket from being washed away by Facebook.


You can still make the most out of social media without paying them for advertising.

Put in the hours to research and create content. This will show in the quality of your work and will help you grow as a brand.

Users respect someone who puts in the time to make something for them.

“When you promote, you aim at building a close relationship with your audience and that allows you to learn about them and create content you know they will love – Neil Patel”

These are the 5 tips to make you a social ninja of content marketing world.

This is a lot of information at once, take it in a bit at a time and feel free to comment how it worked out for you.


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Are You The CEO You Think You Are?

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Hustle, a word thrown around by many. 15 year old Instagram CEOs put up motivational pictures on their account and call themselves hustlers. Real hustlers however, do the real work.

Yes, social media is real work. And yes, it is okay to put CEO in your Instagram bio, but a pause for a minute and see if you really are a CEO of your life. Or are you just trying to get more likes and hearts by the people you don’t know, the very people who haven’t once, seen your face. Only if we focus on showing our faces and showing what we are doing in our life to achieve our dreams, we can connect with the people willing to connect with us.

A real CEO focuses on impact, bringing positive results in his/her own life and lives of the people around them. A real CEO knows that social media is a part of the game, a channel. They know that by just putting motivational pictures, they cannot become successful. They know they have to build something substantial, and escape get their name and their face known by thousands, even millions of people.

People and the world values real hustlers, real workers. People who are passionate about life and have a direction with the right mindset. If you really want more likes, well that is the thing you want to communicate. We naturally gravitate towards the alpha males and alpha females. And alphas, walk with a purpose, talk with a purpose, work with a purpose, play with a purpose and even sleep with a purpose.

Before you say that it is too much, stop. I have had this before where people have asked me why am I so serious about life, I should relax. Shivam is too serious on social media and his message. Social media is for fun, do you understand that Shivam?

No I do not. I believe social media is a place where I can literally change the lives of thousands and millions of people. To me it is not just a place to have fun. To me social media is a tool, a tool which I need to use to construct my legacy, my empire. And with that empire, and the process, help millions of people achieve their dreams and ambitions in their lives.


“If you are not serious about your life, your impact and helping other people, you are a selfish person. You care only about your happiness, and not about the happiness and well being of your family and people around you” – Grant Cardone


More energy, more vigor, more passion, more will to achieve success in life not only for yourself, but for the people around you is what will attract more people towards you. The right people, the people who will actually make a difference in your life.

Now, part of being able to hustle and work hard with passion and energy comes from the fact that you actually know what your hustle is. You might miss on important deals of your life, let me stress on that again, the most important deals in your life, if you do not know your goal.

By spending some time to see what our goals are in life, we can save up years of wasted efforts and being a blind robot in the system that is the real world right now.

One of the key tips I can give to not miss on opportunities is to read a lot. The more you read the more your brain becomes receptive to new ideas and develops the vision which is necessary to become a visionary. Reading makes us step into the shoes of the writer and see the world from their eyes. It not only makes us see the  mistakes they made but also the success they had and why.

Added bonus with that is most of the success that people have had is replicable, and anyways someone who really wants to convey their message through their book, will give you the blueprint of the success they had. Others, well will just make some small money from the book.

Reading alone will not help you. Millions of people read books, but not all of them apply the knowledge to their lives and situations. What we need is the application of the information. Application is what speeds up our process of success.

I personally know a few people, who have a great mind and high potential. But what a waste. They are not willing to give it their all. They neither apply the stuff they learn, nor are the motivated enough to work hard towards their end goal. They have become cogs, working like rats, like Guinea pigs right in this system. They have become complacent with whatever measly amount of money they make and success they have. For the matter of fact, they have been doing this for long enough that they have forgotten their end goal.

It is imperative to know what your end goal is and you have to know how you are going to achieve that goal. Yes, you do not need to know every single thing about reaching to your goal. There are going to be unforeseen problems, but problems are exciting. I believe no single plan is fool proof. Whatever plan we make, we cannot predict the mass action of the world and the markets. So we need to be flexible yet rigid. And we need to realize, since we cannot predict the mass markets and the world, it is more important than ever to have a success that stays no matter what.

Look at people like Warren Buffett, Shah Rukh Khan, Bill Gates, no matter where the market is, no matter how the world reacts, they retain their success.

Do you think Warren Buffett cares if the market goes down and he loses a few billion dollars? Hell, instead he invests and goes on offence when the markets crash and every one is saving and hiding under their pillows. He knows his goal, and he knows that only extreme offence is what will get him there.

Your goal might maybe to become the best salesman in your company,  to become the best engineer or to have a million dollar business. And most importantly this goal, needs to be well above your accepted realistic norms. If you think realistically by year end you should make a million dollars, well set your goal to 10 million. A higher goal has always brought me the excitement, the will to work hard and go for it head on. People who say you should set an attainable and a realistic goal, are idiots. If you look at those people, tell me, how many of those are super wealthy and super successful?

I have never once heard Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Cuban, Amitabh Bachchan telling anyone to set a realistic goal.

Each of them say that their goal was to change the world, do the impossible, be the star, put a dent in the UNIVERSE, and so they did. And all of them, have almost opposite philosophies towards life, and the paths these guys took, though similar, yet totally different.

Look at what Steve Jobs did. Apple is worth $800 Billion. Apple has more cash at hand than the US treasury. And not only that, not many people know Steve Jobs is also the mind behind Pixar, arguably the best animation company on the planet. He created his own universe within the universe. A place where people wait hours in line to buy an overpriced, over hyped phone with measly performance specifications. He had goals, the world cried when he died, his legacy lives on.

How about your legacy? How about your family name? Are you willing to take the decision to be the torch bearer for your family name?

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The Myth Of Talent

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Everyone holds his fortune in his own hands, like a sculptor the raw material he will fashion into a figure. But it’s the same with that type of artistic activity as with all others: We are merely born with the capability to do it. The skill to mold the material into what we want must be learned and attentively cultivated. —JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHE

We are told that the skills you possess, the genius you have, the inclination towards a specific field of life you have is all credited towards your genetic structure. Your talent is something that is fixed and can never change. You came into this world with those specific abilities, and you are going to die with them.


I came across a few passages about talent, skills and mastery while reading a few different books. Books that practically are not supposed to talk about the same thing.

The common theme the writers here talked about is that there is nothing as talent, even if there is, it has been scientifically proven that we can literally modify our genetic disposition by placing ourselves in specific kinds of environment and through deliberate action.

We are regularly told stories about talented individuals like Mozart, Steve Jobs, and many others. But if you have played Chinese Whisper game you know how stories can radically change with just a couple of alterations. The stories about these great individuals about their talents and their natural abilities tend to dismiss the fact that they were practically provided the exact kind of environment that they needed to excel.

That necessarily does not mean that the environment around them was favorable, and happy and they got everything they wanted.

Demosthenes one of the great orators of ancient Athens, born in 384 BC had speech impediment during his childhood. His became an orphan at the age of 7 and his family left him great wealth and property. But, till the time he came of age to be able to legally get that property, he noticed that he was cheated on by his own guardians. He sued them in the court, and had to speak for himself.

This specific event and environment alone would tear apart any of us, but he had created an underground room to practice his speaking skills. He used to fill his mouth with pebbles and practice speeches, he would go to the sea shore and try to speak against the sound of the waves. Demosthenes, took charge of his environment and practically changed his disposition by deliberate effort.

Why is that we see people everywhere around us performing deeds like Demosthenes, and yet fail to see that there is nothing as talent? Yes there are inborn skills, or interests with certain kinds of things, but they too can be changed, if we so wish. Our brain has evolved over millions of years, then why do we believe that we cannot change something as simple as where we invest our time and effort?

Robert Greene in his book “Mastery” mentions something that I really loved. He said, our brains practically are going in the opposite direction as time. For a lot of animals, with passage of time, their window closes. If they wait too much to attack on the prey, no food. If they wait too much outside in the open, they are going to get eaten.

Our bodies too follow this line, with passage of time our bodies decay.

However, with passage of time, our brain becomes more and more capable, more and more developed.

We see people sitting in the system, as cogs. People who have accepted to not bring about change or put in effort to pursue their unique inclinations. It is actually easy to do that. It might take years of work, but it is easy.

What we know and have been subjected to is, people who try to go against the grain of the system, and try to do what they believe in, perish. Totally not true, they might go against the system, but by doing what they believe in, something that they feel is their calling, they are going with the grain of time.

Have you ever thought, that why is people who are doing something they love, seem more energetic, more youthful and younger at 65 than a lot of us at 25?

They are going with the grain of time.

The moment we try and do something which we derive pleasure from, we are told not to.

I have my example here, recently I started taking massive actions towards trying to help more people, and the responses I got were amazing. But within those responses I have people telling me to stop, calling me names in public.

I won’t lie, it is scary. It is hard. But should I stop? Should I stop doing something I feel I am made for just because someone else in the system believes I am going in the opposite direction?

It is true, I am going in the opposite direction to them.

I am going with the direction of time, are you?

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5 Books That I Read In May 2017

Reading Time: 4 minutes

2017 so far has been very positive and awesome for me. I have learnt a lot, about business, about finance, marketing and all sorts of stuff. And a huge portion of the reason goes to me being in Boston, and my exposure to all these great entrepreneurial minds around me, people from so many different countries.

With all of this, one constant that has stayed with me throughout past couple of years is my ever increasing love of reading books. I read to learn, and I read because it is fun. And anyways, as Bismarck pointed out, it is better to learn from other people’s failures than to experience your own.

Reading for me is like life on NZT.

In May, 2017 I read 5 books in total, with taking moderate amount of mental and physical notes, and applying almost every nugget I could grasp, onto my life. I believe application of these nuggets are the key.

Now in the past I have done my book recommendations, or book review videos, but writing about it has it’s own pull.

So here are the books I read last month, and I hope you derive some value out of these books onto your life to propel yourself forward in whatever situations you might be stuck at.

Last month was based on marketing and branding mainly followed by my most recent read, which actually I just finished like an hour before writing this article, but within these books, I have also found amazing stuff from a business strategy standpoint, as well as improving my life and taking better decisions, help more people.


The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday 

Now stoicism is something I have always been fascinated by. In general, I love the philosophical thoughts, that I can apply to my daily life to make better decisions. Ryan, in this book does exactly that by introducing stoic philosophy with great examples. As the title says, the obstacle is the way. Sometimes the obstacles we face, actually become the path.

You can see this whole philosophy actually implemented by a lot of great business people, with one being Daymond John, who wrote The Power Of Broke. He talked about how using the shortcoming he had, he built a $6 Billion brand(FUBU) within fashion industry.

Coming back to Ryan, stoicism is followed by the greatest of greats. I recently did a success tips by A.R. Rahman video on my YouTube, where he also talks about using your shortcomings and molding them into your individual style and perspective on life.

Buy-Ology by Martin Lindstrom

I think I am right, when I say that almost all of us know about the manipulation we go through while we are subjected to products, advertisements around us. However, there are some deep(evil-ish) roots of using neuroscience to market us products in order to make a sale. Now, neuromarketing is something that really fascinates me, and a lot of the principles are the ones I have applied to my own social media efforts.

You might think neuromarketing is forcing us to buy things we do not want, by provoking our emotions. However, that is quite far from the truth.

I will leave you with an example that I talked to a few friends about as well, by exposing a pregnant mother to a specific soothing perfume, sprayed inside a mall, marketers were actually able to influence the baby, yet to come to this world, to be a regular customer throughout it’s life.

Have fun with this one.!

Brand Thinking By Debbie Millman

I think you already know my love for branding and neuromarketing by now. This book is a collection of interviews with the greatest creatives of our time. People who have not only run huge brands from a marketing standpoint, but writers and thinkers alike.

A lot of lessons in this book for creative people, people who want to bring a change in the world or improve the lives of the others. Or just, get their voice heard.

I personally love the interviews with Malcolm Gladwell, Seth Godin, Dan Pink

Trust Me I’m Lying, Confessions Of A Media Manipulator by Ryan Holiday

I think I forgot to mention in the first book I talked about by Ryan, he at the age of 21, if I’m not wrong, was handling marketing for a $700 million brand which goes by the name of American Apparel. He has worked with numerous NY Times bestselling authors, and brands alike.

Over the period of a few years he not only managed to generate millions of dollars in business by manipulating the blogs like Huff Post, Gawker, Mashable and others, but also is talked as one of the greatest growth hackers and media manipulators. He know how the media works, how to get viral campaigns going with practically 0 budgets and generate millions in sales.

This book, is an account of how he did it, how doing all that actually made it worse for him and why he stopped manipulating the media.

Start With Why by Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek, is noted as one of the greatest thinkers who are trying to bring about positive change in the world by inspiring leaders to help more and more human beings. I personally love his message about resonating with other human beings, leading them from the behind, and genuinely caring for other human beings.

This book might be one of the reasons I so extensively talk about helping other people in their life, if you have seen my YouTube videos.


Well, I am done, I hope these books push you to take some action and bring some change in your life, and lives of the people around you.

As always, make sure to help others succeed.


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5 Ways To Find Inspiration Today

Reading Time: 1 minute

The third one is my favorite in the video, which one is yours???

Inspiration is a pseudo-taboo topic. Let me explain, when talking about inspiration, we treat it as this esoteric thing that only comes to a few people. Either you get inspired by a bad event in our life, or by something extremely positive, like an angel appeared before our eyes and gave us the gift of being inspired.

I do not believe in that. For example, if you look at journalists, they have to churn out articles which are interesting multiple times a day and they have strict deadlines. They cannot afford to have writer’s block, or inspiration loss. How is it that these people are able to do it and most of us aren’t? How is it that the most mediocre of journalists can churn out ideas like a machine?

There are a few ways to do that in my opinion. In the above video I go over a few ways to feel more inspired, find inspiration in our daily lives. Finding inspiration is easy, all we need is to know where to look and how to look.

I start with consuming more content by the masters and other creative people so as to get an idea. These at least for me serve as big sources of inspiration. What works here is not only having a look at masters of craft in our own field, but also in other fields. This helps us think from a new set of eyes that makes us think in a different way. Reading is one of those key things, watching documentaries etc.

The other tips in the video might actually surprise you..!

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3 Tips On How To Start A YouTube Channel For Beginners

Reading Time: 2 minutes

In my opinion 2017 and onward marketing strategies for our businesses should be focused on video, audio and social media networking. Our customers are on the move, so content specially optimized for mobile, optimized for the platform in which it is shared is the right way to go ahead with generating awareness around our business.

It is easy to get carried away if you are a one man/woman band, or a small business. But as Gary Vaynerchuk says, we do not always have to create perfect content. We can document day to day issues and successes we face in our endeavors and those things could be of help to people around us in turn developing an audience for us. Secondly, having a raw piece of content has it’s own appeal. In my opinion it shows that you care for the people and the content enough to focus on putting it out.

From a neuromarketing perspective, having imperfections in our video and audio content makes us look more human and thus more approachable. This generates a greater sense of community within our followers and our audience, which I think you can guess, is good for the brand.

But, the main issue we face when we want to get into YouTube or podcasting is that we start doing those without a strategy. Without a strategy for content, without a strategy for marketing that content and without a strategy as a whole. Not only we need to decide who our ideal target audience is, but we also have to look at various types of content we can create to suffice various needs our audience has.

The key is to give the value upfront, and the only way it is possible is if we know who our audience is and what problems they have in their business or life. We can produce authority content or affinity content, or both, it all comes down to the exact strategy we choose.

Be it video or audio, we need to start with finding our niche. The more niche we go the better it will be. Let me explain why, long tail search keywords, is how we search in our lives today. Broad tail keywords are more competitive than long term keywords. In my niche for example, broad tail would we social media marketing, but a long tail keyword would be social media marketing for photographers.

Now coming to the question of how to start a YouTube channel?

There are a few strategies that you need to take care about which I go over in the video and a few more videos on my YouTube channel in detail.

Apart from those, leveraging the comments section on YouTube, YouTube live help us in getting in deeper touch with our audience, and deeper relationships are what really matter.

So, to sum up the summary of the above video, content strategy, community and marketing your marketing efforts, done consistently over a period of time is what it will take to market your business via modern social media platforms.


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How To Build A Personal Brand – Giving Value – Shivam Chhuneja

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Personal Branding these days is a word thrown around by almost everybody. Building a personal brand takes much more than empty numbers on social media profiles. I usually say year 2016 was the year of network marketers and life coaches and year 2017 is the year of social media managers. Amidst of all this clutter it is difficult to get your name out, if you are a genuine person.

Yes good content tends to with time rise up like the cream, but there needs to be a strategy towards producing content. Along with that there needs to be a specific mindset to do it. In my opinion, building a brand today really depends on the sense of community that our audience feels.

It depends on the feeling of inclusiveness that each of your audience member gets. And it is easy to be swayed by the huge numbers in followers and get into that race. We have to re-frame our mind into thinking about how engaged our communities are rather than focusing only on getting huge numbers of followers.

Yes social media followers are important, but I believe the connection between us and those followers is more important. Having an engaged community of only 1000 people is much better than having a disengaged community of 100,000 people.

Personal Branding in my opinion needs a newer definition as of this moment. It needs to be transferred from having more social media followers to having more social media engagement and relationships. And the only way I see that happening is if we change our mindset and gear it towards giving more and more value upfront to the people who are taking out their time to follow us on our social media profiles.

Marketing in itself is about increasing the perceived value of our product. The only way we can do that is by actually giving more value. We all need that kind of thinking. More followers is not about getting more people who will buy your product. But it is about those many people eager to hear what we have to say.

So let’s not take unnecessary advantage of the attention we get, but nurture it and build a strong community around our brands…!!!

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